Craps Strategy – Easy Tips for Rookies

First of all, knowing that practice makes the best is the most important advice I can offer you. If you never played craps you should try the online versions of the game, because they are not so intimidating and the rules are easier to learn. After gaining some experience you can get down to a live craps game playing in a land based casino. More than that, most of the online casinos out there offer free casino craps games. This way you can practice for as long as you want without losing any money.Establish from the start a playing style or a betting pattern for you and try sticking to it. If you are playing in a land based casino feel free to ask the dealer if you have any doubts. Also, if you are playing craps online, you can check with the casino.Table etiquette is very important if you want to feel comfortable while playing. Most of the guidelines for playing etiquette depend only on common sense. The craps table is a crowded place, so try not to occupy more space that is necessary. Also, keep your hands off the table if you don’t want to be put in the situation of interrupting the game because the dice hit your hand. Do not enter a game if you are over your head. You want to bet with your head, not over it. Always check the tables’ minimums and look for a table suitable to your bankroll.The first bets you should learn are the Pass Line bets or the Place 6 or 8. They are the bets with the best house advantage of less than 1.5%.Avoid making any proposition bets (hard ways, horn, any Craps, any seven and other wagers). For instance, only the any craps wager has a House Edge of over 11%.I advice you to always and always take odds on the pass line bets. You can actually try making at least double odds, as many casinos can go up to 100x odds. To know what the proper odds are you may ask the dealer or read the casino rules if you are rolling the dice online.Avoid making Lay Bets. They have unfavorable odds and a 5% vig.Field Bets present a higher risk than extended wager because they are determined on a single dice roll. For this reason you should place these bets with caution. Make them only when you have a strong hunch that a shooter will roll a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12.Another bets you should be careful with are the Buy Bets. The same as the lay bets they have a 5% commission and odds even higher and they can lower your edge even more than the place bets. Actually, it is best to avoid making them.If you really want to make Buy bets, make them only on 4 and 10. They are the only numbers on these bets with a high return of 2 to 1 in the player’s favor.Back to your best wager in craps, the pass line bet. In case you are losing you should avoid following a progressive pass line betting. This is a killer system for most of the players.Free Odds bets, a smart choice when given the chance. They are additional bets on top of other bet you’ve already made. They are so great because actually, the casino does not get any money from this bet and lowers the house edge from 1.5% to about 0.8%.Enjoy craps with a smarter roll each time. Good Luck!